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Ninette's Cake Shop is a family run and locally owned and operated full-service bakery located in Thibodaux, LA. 

Originally located in the quaint community of Schriever, LA, Ninette's got its start in the kitchen of Elton "Tony" and Ninette Aucoin in 1980. What was originally started as means of supplemental income, Ninette's quickly became a hometown favorite. 

In 1995, after the passing of Ninette, her only daughter, Linda Aucoin Hebert, continued her mother's success, but relocated the business to Thibodaux, LA. Operating the cake shop as an "order only" business, Linda soon realized that she couldn't run the cake shop on her own. In 1998, her husband joined her in the cake shop to assist her. They successfully operated Ninette's for 20 years before deciding to retire. 

In 2017, their youngest daughter, Robin Hebert Albares, gave up her 20 year career to continue the success of Ninette's. She is the current and proud 3rd generation owner. 40+ years later, Ninette's continues to proudly grow and serve the beautiful South Louisiana region!

Since opening the storefront in 2019, we have been committed to serving up delicious goodies to all of our customers in the South Lousiana region! Some of our local favorites include our mouth-watering delicious boudin hand pie, our homemade French Macarons, and, of course, our melt in your mouth brownies, but our custom cakes and wedding cakes have been our #1 seller since opening our door! Our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and remain a local favorite! We believe that the experience of visiting a bakery should include both enjoying your favorite pastries and trying out some new ones, too! Our team of professionals creates top quality, imaginative and delicious baked treats, and makes sure to cater to the needs of each one of our customers. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or something to bring home and share, we have it all!

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